In the UK, it will soon be necessary to drive with a GPS to get a license

As part of an update to the driving license test, the UK government agency responsible for the training of driving instructors and driving test programs, DVSA, announced that ‘From next December, some events will include the use of GPS.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) intends to introduce new tests at the end of the year in order to carry out driver’s license exams that are more in line with current driver behavior. In addition to new parking maneuvers or an examination that will last 20 minutes instead of 10, the DVSA will introduce the possibility for the examiner to ask the driver to follow a route on a GPS.

Driving without being distracted by GPS

The goal is not to ask the driver to use a GPS. Not only will it not be touched during the event, but it will also be the examiner who will choose the destination. The aim is rather to manage this “distraction” as best it can. The candidate for the driving license must therefore be able to follow a route on the GPS while paying attention to the usual pitfalls on the road. It should also be noted that the DVSA specifies that the GPS test will concern only one driver out of five who passes the permit.

As British Transport Minister Andrew Jones told the BBC, this change will improve road safety. “We are ensuring that the driver’s license review is in line with the practices of the 21st century.” We can not blame him.



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