A Hyperloop line between the United States and Mexico in place of the wall

The idea of a wall between the USA and Mexico is not unanimous on one side of the border as on the other. Rather than a separation between the two states, the American-Mexican collective M.A.D.E. (Composed of engineers, architects and construction professionals) offers a much more interesting option from an economic and social point of view.

A territory common to both countries

They would like to propose to the two respective governments the creation of a Hyperloop line along the border. The supersonic train would then be able to connect the 3000 km that separate the Gulf of Mexico from the Pacific Ocean in just three hours.

Desiring to go even further in their project, the collective already imagines a territory of 3000 km by 10 km common to both countries articulated around this Hyperloop line that they would call Otra Nation. This new economic zone would itself be subdivided into four US states and six Mexican states to accommodate just over 80 million people. Tourism, agriculture and production of renewable energies would then generate “tens of thousands of jobs for a GDP of 3800 billion dollars”, according to the collective.

“Otra Nation will be the first co-nation of the world and welcome citizens of both countries”

Its creation (funded equally by both countries) will cost only $ 15 billion instead of the $ 21.6 billion that Donald Trump wants to charge the Mexicans. Utopian project or reality, only the future will tell us …



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