This drone that can be overlapped is probably the closest thing to the Star Wars Speeder bike

By 2015, it was safe and some, we should all have used flying cars. We are in 2017 and we have to admit that we are still nailed to the ground. Yet, some are working hard to make us pace the air. Larry Page, founder of Google, is one of those.

Ride a drone

Kitty Hawk is a company umbrella by Larry Page. It wants to market flying cars. Do not expect to see a Delorean emerge from their research center, since the first prototype is closer to the drone than to the car. Totally electric, this prototype presented in video requires no license to be used, being considered an ultra-light vehicle by the FAA. It is intended to be used over water and is primarily designed for leisure. It is propelled by 8 rotors and is thus a drone that can be mounted.

For now, the Kitty Hawk vehicle is in the prototype stage. It does not have an exit date, nor even a price. But impatient users can pay a three-year subscription at $ 100 a month to be on top of the stack on the waiting list for deliveries.

It should also be noted that Kitty Hawk has no intention of selling its vehicle outside of the United States.



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