Airnest is a connected inhaler for asthmatics

A French start-up has just unveiled a connected inhaler. Called Airnest, it should enable the 235 million people affected worldwide to “better manage their asthma and help redefine their relationship to the disease”.

With a sleek design and LED display, the Airnest inhaler connects to your smartphone to provide functionality that includes improved drug administration, better knowledge of asthma through a history that can be easily shared with your doctor, To correct the use of the inhaler or to be alerted when environmental conditions can trigger a crisis.

Managing your asthma better with a connected device

When a person has a chronic illness such as asthma, they may feel anxiety, fear and feelings of being judged. A modern medical device and design can create a bridge between the patients and the population, in order to modify this perception.

Although the effectiveness of Airnest compared to a conventional inhaler remains to be verified and its price has not yet been communicated, it has at least the merit of wanting to change things. More information on the official website.



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