Connected objects, new Eldorado for Spotify?

In the ultra competitive music streaming sector, Spotify is looking to diversify. Through its recruitment page, the Swedish company suggests that it would turn to the hardware to get the best of the game.

Thus, Spotify published a series of job postings that caught the eye of Zatz Not Funny . Among the proposals, that of a Senior Product Manager-Hardware leaves no doubt as to the aspirations of the company. In the description of the offer, it is learned that the future project manager will “lead an initiative to provide Spotify signed material to customers: a category for a product similar to Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo or Shows Of Snap inc. “ .

A future still unclear

The choice of examples is interesting because these three connected objects have little in common. Does Spotify intend to offer a mix of the three to broadcast music? Or will it launch into the product site competing with each device?

In addition to a hardware project manager, Spotify is also looking for a product manager specializing in natural language understanding, as well as a voice specialist with knowledge in human-machine communication. This suggests that like Amazon’s Echo, Spotify’s future connected object could be controlled by voice.



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