Silicon Valley: A security robot assaulted in a parking lot

The scene may seem hard to imagine, but this kind of incident between humans and robots should not be the last one that Silicon Valley will experience.

Mountain View is a municipality mainly known for hosting the giant Microsoft and many other computer companies. The area is therefore at the forefront in terms of robotics. But it does not always mix with the neighbors … Especially when they are alcoholic.

An uneven fight

Indeed, a 41-year-old man was arrested by the police after a violent attack on a Knightscope droid. This robot is used to lift the plates of cars in a parking lot, and can stream 360-degree images to provide security. A job that is always done by real people most of the time. But at seven dollars an hour, it offers fierce competition, especially since the latter can raise up to 300 number plates per minute.

The assailant, named Jason Sylvain, is prosecuted for drunkenness on the public highway. The robot, which measures 1.50 meters and still weighs 150 kilos obviously can not defend itself. Despite scratches, the robot is back at his post.

Knightscope, whose customers range from Microsoft to the Sacramento King team, took the opportunity to remind that the robots in question will soon be able to better detect weapons. One is never too careful.



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