Toyota: an exoskeleton to speed up rehabilitation in hospitals

Recently presented by Toyota Motor Corporation, the WelWalk WW-100 is a cabin with an exoskeleton specializing in the rehabilitation of paralyzed limbs.

“The right to mobility for all”

Given the aging of the Japanese population, the manufacturer wants to guarantee mobility for all and accelerates the development of new technologies aimed at improving the autonomy of the elderly, but also to relieve the work of caregivers.

Dedicated to medical institutions, the system proposes a treadmill on which an exoskeleton intervenes to assist the movements of the users. Equipped with a screen, it allows the patient to move while visualizing his progress filmed by the machine.

The WelWalk WW-100 automatically stabilizes the patient’s joints and applies only the missing force to allow it to move. Accurate follow-up records the patient’s progress at the end of each session.

Planned to be launched in the fall of 2017, in Japan, it will cost 9000 euros to acquire it, not to mention the 3000 euros monthly for the maintenance of the device.



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