Warner Bros to build Gotham City in Abu Dhabi

Disney likes to recreate geek universes in its parks, offering us for example a Simpson section in Orlando or soon a Star Wars section. Warner Bros is not to be outdone, as the studio’s ambition is to recreate Gotham City and Metropolis in a park attached to a hotel in Abu Dhabi.

A park in the very heart of the city

Warner Bros signed a partnership with the Miral Hotel in Abu Dhabi to build a huge amusement park dedicated to its worlds on the island of Yas in the heart of the city. The park will offer various areas, one dedicated to Gotham City ( Batman ) and another to Metropolis ( Superman ). Another section of the park will be devoted to Looney Tunes.

On the menu, sensational attractions (29 in total), restaurants and shops to spend your dollars. All of these sections will be placed around the Warner Bros Plaza, which will represent the epitome of Hollywood’s golden age.

The park has cost a billion dollars to build and will open in 2018, says Miral’s CEO Mohamed Abdullah Al Zaabi. Pam Lifford of Warner said that the construction of this park was the unique opportunity for the studio to discover the universes of the studio in the Middle East.

So book your ticket to Abu Dhabi if you want to see Gotham City in “real”.



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