The Easybreath Subea By Decathlon mask can also film the seabed!

We presented the Easybreath Subea By Decathlon mask . In the latter, breathing is done through the nose and mouth in a natural way. The panoramic field of view at 180 ° and the mask is equipped with a mechanism that obstructs the top of the snorkel during immersion, while the submerged part of the tuba is tinted orange, to be more visible.

Following numerous notices sent to Decathlon, the Subea design teams developed a camera attachment for the summer of 2017 to be attached to the snorkel. The camera thus positioned allows the user to film exactly what he sees without hindering his field of vision. This accessory is compatible with all Easybreath snorkels and makes it possible to securely fix the different types of onboard cameras (and its waterproof case). This accessory will be marketed at only 1.99 euros!



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