Gvido is a double E-ink score for a technophile and wealthy musician

If you are a well-seasoned musician, you have inevitably experienced this painful moment of having to turn your scores in full concert and either to make them fall from the desk or to fall on a bad page. With Gvido, this kind of error should be a thing of the past, if you can afford it.

Gvido is simply a double E-ink screen of 2 × 13.3 inches on which you can display partitions. The object is rather pretty and promises beautiful things for musicians. Compatible with .pdf files, it has a stylus to annotate its partitions. Its internal memory is rather generous core (8 GB) and can be extended with a micro-SD card.

After watching the video, I have several questions. How do you turn pages? And what about the quality of the score? For the first question, Gvido indicates on its site that its device has an infrared sensor (located on the bottom right of the tablet?) Making it possible to turn the pages. It also sells on its website a “foot switch”, a pedal, wired or not, allowing to turn them with the foot. Which, in case you play the piano, is not very practical.

The pedal allows to turn the pages.



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