Nissan thinks you are too undisciplined not to call the wheel and wants to integrate a Faraday cage into his vehicles

Telephoning at the wheel is bad. We are not going to make you moralistic, because you know very well that making a phone call while driving is dangerous both for your life and for your license. Nissan thinks you can not help it and thinks about putting a Faraday cage in his vehicles.

Thus, the builder evokes the thing in a blog post. Nissan is thinking of creating a small compartment in its vehicles in order to slide your smartphone. A compartment named Nissan Signal Shield that will be none other than a Faraday cage.

Thus, all signals from your smartphone will be blocked, as if it were in airplane mode. Of course, Nissan still provides a place for a USB cable to connect your terminal to your car radio to listen to music, but it will stop there.

Nissan says that to recover your network, it will be enough to open the compartment.

But why ?

Wanting to encourage users not to call the car is all to the credit of Nissan. But this idea seems a bit … useless.

A driver who wants to use the smartphone while driving will always make his phone calls while driving. If he still answers his calls or does not put his smartphone in airplane mode while riding in his car, it is not a special compartment that will incite him.



This person is lazy, nothing left!

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