[Editor’s pick] 10 items Star Wars at (s & rsquo;) offer to celebrate with dignity this 4th May

We are on the 4th of May. May 4 is the Star Wars Day . Basically, it was a trick between us, the fans. A word game on May the fourth ( May the Force , which the Force), which amused a lot. But for some time, this day has been taken by assault by brands wishing to surf the saga created by George Lucas.

This year, May 4 is a bit special. Indeed, we are in a year when a new Star Wars is going to go out in theaters (as every year now, but we still have to get used to it), but most importantly, the saga is celebrating its forty years! Four decades of Star Wars that we will celebrate with dignity May 25, the date of the release of the very first film in the United States. But before that, there is this 4th of May. If you want to have fun (or to please a loved one) on this particular day, we have selected a list of ten items easily found in the trade. Objects both for big fans and lighter.

Are you ready ?

The Star Wars blu-ray set

The basis of the license, all are the same films. Impossible therefore not to put them here. In 2015, a new box containing the six films of the era Lucas. Note that they are in their final version, the one that was born with the first blu-ray release of 2011.

A beautiful box for those wishing to garnish their library with the threatening silhouette of Darth Vader. For the time being, Disney has not released a box containing all the films released to date, but no doubt that will be done with the release of Episode IX planned for 2019.

Star Wars The Ultimate on Fnac

Star Wars, the Star Wars saga from France

Star Wars has marked pop-culture. It is a fact. When we talk about this impact, we think first of all of the United States. In France, the contemporaries of the release of the first films have experienced the thing a little differently. This is where the Star Wars saga of France comes into play. The book thus returns to the way the film was marketed in France, a country at that time not very inclined to a SF saga of this type, as well as the phenomenon Which began to take in our country. Moreover, the book shows us the forgotten objects, which have only come out in our country, and which have marked the childhood of many fans. An extraordinary book in many ways that represents the fruit of years of research and collection. A remarkable work.

D’Antoine Bardet, Stéphane Faucourt and Jérôme Wybon, published by Huginn & Muninn. 224 pages. 30 €.

Bathrobe Chewbacca

We do not doubt for a second: you have the great class in bathrobe. If you want to get to the level above, we have what you need: This dressing gown Chewbacca.

No need to add, the visual speaks for itself. Note that there are also bathrobes imitating the Jedi bure, if the wookies are not too your thing.

The Bathrobe Chewbacca on Amazon, 30 €

Sphero BB-8

A great classic. Released upstream of Episode VII , this Sphero was reissued at the end of last year with more capabilities, but also a remote control to control it with the wrist.

Of course, the price remains excessive. Nevertheless, it is a must that will give pleasure to every blow.

Available from Boulanger for 200 €.

Plush BB-8

If the Sphero is too expensive for you, you can always fall back on this plush. A teddy bear with the mascot of the postlogie, adulated by children. A perfect gift for a pitchoune.

Available on the Disney Store for 30 €.

The Black Crusade of the Mad Jedi

Here is a story that has marked a generation of Star Wars fans. Originally scheduled as a follow-up to the saga, Thimothy Zahn’s The Black Crusade of the Jedi Fou is now listed in the Legendes universe, which was not followed by Disney. But the series of novels remains exceptional and pleasant to read.

The character of Thrawn is also so adored by the fans that Disney decided to reuse it in his new universe. In addition to appearing in the Rebels series , the Grand Admiral of the Empire will soon have the right to a new canonical novel, still signed Thimothy Zahn.

Available at Fnac for 13 €

Star Wars, The book to read, fold and expose: Dark Vador

Mi book, mi object of decoration, the book to be folded will please the fans of origami. Fold the pages according to the instructions and after a while, the Dark Vador helmet will appear on the slice. As the operation progresses, the book tells the story of the character.

An interesting and intelligent deco object.

Available for 20 € on Fnac

Lego Star Wars – The Star of Death

Lego Star Wars products , there is a package. Virtually all the ships of the films have been reproduced with the small bricks. For this shopping guide, we chose the ultimate object, emblematic: the star of death.

Re-published recently, this star of death is one of the emblems of the Danish firm. A legendary set that takes up the important scenes of the very first film released in 1977. A product to be procured if you really want to please you.

489 euros at Cdiscount

Plastic Laser Saber

Letting your children play with laser lightsabers is dangerous. Fortunately, Disney planned the shot with plastic sabers. This way, your offspring will be able to get on the face safely.

Several sabers are available, such as Yoda, Dark Vador or even Kylo Ren.

Available at 20 € on the Disney Store.

Star Wars Salt and Pepper Set

To finish, here is a small decorative object that always makes sensation: a set of Salt and Pepper shaker Star Wars. The set goes into R2D2, while the pepper goes into its black counterpart.

A friendly set for the home that will show your attachment to the saga even at the table.

Available for 30 € on LoGeekDesign.

An eclectic selection for every budget!



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