9GAG wants to make the culture even immortal with the aid of a stela

A stone three meters, a slew of memes and a Spanish desert. This has the ingredients together to let 9GAG meme culture legacy to future generations.

As he stood facing the Roman Senate, Gaius Titus would have dropped without pressure “Verbat wheel, scripta manent.” If your knowledge of dead language fly as high a kiwi (the bird, not the fruit that it rises much better in the air), this Latin phrase for translation has “Words fly, writings remain “. And about 2,000 years later, this adage has never been truer than with the last 9GAG madness.

A wild DickButt appears!

The humor site, who turns 9 this year, decided that the meme culture had to be preserved and transmitted to future generations. So, 9GAG asked his strong community 623 000 members, to vote for their favorite memes, to burn them to a stele. Three meters high. And was buried in a Spanish desert.

On this monument dedicated to humor, one can see Me Gusta, Philosoraptor a DickButt (obviously …), Fuck Yeah, Keyboard Cat or the official logo of the friend zone. Quite honestly, I’ll pay money to see the head of archaeologists dig up the stone into a thousand years (provided that the meme cultivation did not last).



This person is lazy, nothing left!

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