LEGO announces a replica of the Apollo Saturn V rocket

After announcing the sale of a series of LEGO figures paying tribute to NASA’s important women, the Danish company will also offer a 1: 110 replica of the Apollo Saturn V rocket from 1 June.

A 120-dollar kit in homage to space discovery

Imagined by a certain Saabfun and published on the Ideas Lego platform, this replica which can split into three sections (S-IC, S-II and S-IVB) quickly got the 10,000 votes needed to go into production. After a few adjustments to the model (so that it can be marketed), the set consists of 1969 pieces and is accompanied by a display to place the rocket horizontally or vertically.

Inside the upper part of the rocket you will also find a small version of the Apollo Lunar Lander, a small survival cradle as well as two miniature figures you will probably name Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.



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