In addition to being magnificent, this spherical chessboard allows to play differently

This is not the first time we see a magnetic chessboard, but this model has something to challenge any amateur of the game.

There are chessboards of all kinds, and some of them are truly superb. This is the case of this model created by a design student named Ben Myers and his father. The latter posted their work on the site Instructables, specifying the stages of the construction. And it must be admitted that the result is spectacular.

He used a nice mixture of hazel, red maple and Jatoba to realize the sphere. For this reason he had to calculate the exact dimensions of the chessboard in order to apply them perfectly on eight octagonal layers, which he subsequently polished.

Game Changer

Each of the slabs has a magnet, which allows to play by rotating the globe. Myers was astonished to see how this new perception changed the game. He thought that this could make it easier for beginners, but soon realized that it was not.

Indeed, he points out that in a configuration where the vertical edges are less visible, the madman turns out to be formidable. Given that players can not see the entirety at a glance, the parties are even more full-bodied. We’re not going to lie, we’d try.



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