[Reportage] We went to say hello to the future contest Lépine (and it promises)

For 116 years now, the Lépine contest allows inventors to present a piece of the future to visitors through their creations.

You think we’re exaggerating when we talk about the future? Well, know that your daily life is full of inventions that were awarded at this prestigious event, starting with the ballpoint pen in 1919, the steam iron in 1921 or the contact lenses in 1948. The cuvée 2017 does not deviate from the rule, we walked in the midst of this army of inventors to find the innovations that have the potential to brighten your daily life. This year, the President of the Republic Award was awarded to Alexandre Defromont, for his luminous location and emergency signaling tag, Eydi Life.

For music addicts

If you are familiar with in-ear headphones, you are aware that there is nothing more annoying than cables that get tangled (let AirPods users snicker, laugh well who will laugh Last when they lose one of the peripherals). To combat this evil everyday, Sophian Abdessadok designed Spark, an accessory as simple as it is effective. This is a flexible cable that is reminiscent of a bezel, and that holds the earphones around the neck with magnetic clips. What’s more, the Spark can hold the carefully wound wires in place, preventing them from getting entangled. The semi-rigidity of the cord also allows it to turn into a phone holder. The latest KissCool effect comes from the Spark Connect grind. The latter embeds a NFC chip, ideal to automate certain tasks, like activating its music playlist before going jogging.

For all those who want to discover music in a different way, Nicolas Rasamimanana offers them Phonotonic. On the one hand, there is an application that manages and plays music. On the other hand, a motion sensor that creates and adapts the melody according to your movements, in real time thanks to its Bluetooth connection. Thus, you can create and / or have access to over 900 different mixes.

For a more enjoyable night

After having taken care of sleeping differently with their olfactory alarm clock, and its perfumes of croissants or espresso, SensorWake wants to help you to spend a pleasant night. To do this, the start-up in Nantes designed Oria, another perfume diffuser. Except that unlike his big brother, Oria does not flatter your nostrils with an odor of toast or chocolate, but with two perfumes with a specific purpose. The first, aimed at people who have trouble sleeping, diffuses during the sleeping phase and acts as a relaxant. As for the second, it ensures a “better quality of sleep” and is addressed above all to people not able to make a complete night in a single time. The user can program the diffusion of the perfume at specific times of the night to avoid untimely awakening.

For anxious bicycle enthusiasts

While city dwellers are increasingly more likely to prefer cycling than cars or public transport, they are equally likely to worry about their safety. The Wink Bar is there to make their lives easier. With its integrated GPS, this connected handlebar, connected to your smartphone using a dedicated application, can tell you the direction to follow thanks to its two luminous blocks. These light up to guide the cyclist to the right or the left, or even to invite him to turn around. Likewise, the headlights adapt to the ambient brightness, in order to be always visible whatever the weather. Finally, the Wink Bar has an alarm of 91 decibels (the same sound power as a jackhammer) which triggers in case of theft. The owner can also rely on the built-in GPS to geotag his bike.

To become a God of stoves (or at least master his kitchen)

Congratulations! You are now the lucky tenant of a good Parisian room (or any other small area worth a fortune in a big city). The problem is that your rent engulfs a large part of your salary, and equipping your kitchen is no longer within your budget or your priorities. And yet, God knows you want to stand behind the stove. This is where the multifunction roller comes in. Under this name which speaks volumes lies a rolling pin that contains all the necessary utensils for the occasional cooks. A mixer, a spatula, a whisk, a knife or a small container, in short, everything you need to peel, cut or whip.

Congratulations! You are now the lucky tenant of a good Parisian room (or any other small area worth a fortune in a big city). It is time for you to celebrate this new acquisition, and for the occasion you decided to invite your relatives to come and enjoy a good meal. While you are preparing the main dish (using your newly acquired multifunction roller), a question taunts you: what about the aperitif? Rather than opting for the everlasting combo peanuts / pistachios / chips, you want to bet on originality. Régis Berthelot has the solution for you with the ToastAp. Under Toquestap, you can make toast in less than three minutes for 2 to 10 people. Nomadic although in cast iron, it works with the help, not of electricity, but of fireball.

Reclaiming your environment

Imagine, you are talking about the solar system to your children / siblings, but rather than pulling out a book, just pressing a wall is enough to transform the room into a stellar map. Imagine that these same blond heads draw quietly on the living room wall while you hold a videoconference on the opposite wall. This seems to be the future? It is only ArkTouch, a technology signed by Ark Innovations, allowing to create tough screens of several meters.

To give a foretaste of the near future to the public, the Ark Innovations team went to the Lépine contest with the Arkube, a cube whose interior faces are made up of ArkTouch screens. The visitor could interact with the solar system before sending bullets to a goalkeeper or drawing.



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