A Halo fan transforms Cortana from Windows into a real hologram

Emblematic character of the saga Halo, Cortana is only a simple voice in Windows 10. But this hacker has changed thedonne.

If you have the latest version of Windows or an Xbox One, you may be using Cortana, a program that works as a smart personal assistant. A name that is not chosen at random since it is a recurring character of the series Halo.

When AI comes alive

A talented fan named Jarem Archer decided to give him a body by recreating the bluish hologram that shoulder Master Chief in his missions. He himself a web and software developer, he used the Unity engine to work animations, while his wife served as a model for the captures of movement. He explains the process in more detail on his personal website.

As for the hardware, the lights are controlled by an Arduino chip. The digital image is projected onto the four faces of a glass pyramid, which gives the illusion of 3D. A camera placed at the front of the structure allows Cortana to always follow you. This could give ideas to Microsoft and shows that with a little elbow grease, this kind of products could perhaps be democratized.




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