Volvo and Audi Introduce Their First Vehicles Running Android Auto

On the eve of the Google I / O, Volvo and Audi are preparing to present their first cars whose operating system is entirely based on Android.

It has been three years since Android Auto exists. Until now, it was only an infotainment system that went through Android smartphones. However, Google intends to take it a step further by integrating it directly as an OS in some vehicles, without having to go through a phone. This will soon be the case with some models of Volvo XC60, Volvo V90 and Audi Q8 Sport.

Android built directly into cars

Concretely, this means that Volvo or Audi will no longer integrate their own OS within their car, but a modified version of Android Auto. The latter will then be displayed on the various screens of the dashboard. Android Auto will be able to manage the traditional navigation and music applications (via Google Maps or Spotify), but also to manage the car’s interior: air conditioning, windows opening and seat position.

Currently, the display of Android Auto on the central screen of the car is divided into three windows. A main screen showing the card, music played, or contacts. A second that lists the installed applications and a last one to access the settings of the passenger compartment. No way to touch the screen, it will be possible to give Oral Orders to his car using Google Assistant, which will be activated by pressing a button located on the steering wheel.

No access to “essential equipment for the safety of the car”

Google has wanted to reassure potential buyers. On the other hand, this version of Android Auto directly integrated into the cars will not require a smartphone to operate. But it will however be compatible with the iPhone and Android smartphones, to make calls or broadcast its music. Next, Google will allow builders the ability to customize the interface, controls and pre-installed applications in the car.

Lastly, Bloomberg said that Google representatives said “the software will not have access to the equipment essential to the safety of the car.” We do not know what that means, because they immediately added: “This prevents YouTube from appearing on the screen, for example, to avoid distracting drivers.”

Google should give more details on this new fully integrated version of Android Auto this week, on the occasion of the Google I / O, which will start tomorrow.



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