You will have a hard time resisting this game of chess The Legend of Zelda!

Fan of The Legend of Zelda? It will be hard to resist this Collector’s Edition of the official chess game! It is mostly available at our reference-gaming friends for 89.98 euros.

A Battle for Hyrule! Link and Ganondorf face each other again … This time in the great classic of strategy games: Chess. Announced nearly a year ago by USAopoly, this superb game of chess with its finishes to make pale Ganondorf finally arrives in the hexagon with its French translation of course! It is enough to observe the pawns to realize that the greatest care has been brought to this game where we will find:

– White team: Link (king), Zelda (lady), Impa (fool), Epona (riders), Darunia (towers), Navi
– Black team: Ganondorf (king), Twinrova (lady), Iron Knuckle (mad), Phantom (riders), Armos (towers), Deku Scrub

The box is not left behind with its selective varnish and its reinforced protections in order to benefit from the precious! Dimensions of the box with the colors of The Legend of Zelda: 43.5 x 28 x 7.7 cm, and the pieces are between 3 and 6 cm high.



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