Demands packets for mobile Internet traffic only: the Internet Keys remain the favorites


The well-known SoSTariffe website has found some interesting data regarding mobile Internet connectivity: fares have been analyzed since 2015 and trends in consumer habits. Let’s see some statistics.

The data taken in the analysis refer to deals that only include Internet traffic, therefore they do not include all-inclusive packages with calls and messages; They also only concern the searches carried out on the site in question. By comparing 2015, 2016, and 2017 data, we can first notice an increase in the amount of GB offered by the companies, with substantially unchanged costs: in fact, we went from 8 GB to 11 GB, with a small increase of about 40 cents of average periodic cost .

Since smartphones are usually preferred to opt for plans that include calls and SMS, it is not surprising that most Internet users using this type of promotions use an Internet Key (over 50%), and secondly they are the tablets (Around 30%). From an overall analysis, however, the search for this kind of tariffs is still falling, precisely by 18.4% compared with 2016.

The Internet Keys are still in the top spot, even though they are the fastest devices (-22.20%), against -8.75% of smartphones and -16.81 of the tablet.

The talk about smartphones is quite simple: since previous analyzes have been seen as all-in-one packages (calls, SMS, and the Internet) include an average of 1,200 minutes, 650 SMS and just over 5 GB at an average price of 14 Euro, users have all the reasons to prefer this type of offer, unless they need large amounts of data.

Recently, however, we’ve seen how the major phone operators are starting to bid with more than GB over previous periods, especially through so-called winbacks.

What do you think? Use only data data, perhaps with Internet Key, or not?
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