Gamescom: Messamamstag sold again despite new structure

Gamescom: Messesamstag trotz neuer Struktur wieder ausverkauft

As in the previous years, Gamescom already has a high visitor rank three months before its opening. Tagestickets for the Mass Day on 26 August 2017 were sold out in the shortest possible time in the course of the ticket sales.

Changed appointments, reference to afternoon and family tickets

With the goal of better distributing visitors, Gamescom will be taking place from Wednesday 23 August to Saturday 26 August in the course of last year’s changing dates.

The contingent of 42,000 day tickets for the meeting was sold out within one day according to the organizer. In addition to card stock in Saturn markets, Gamescom explicitly refers to so-called afternoon bets, which can be purchased at the day’s cashier on the spot for nine euros. In addition, remaining cards of family cards (5 persons, maximum 2 adults, maximum 4 children from 7 to 11 years) are available for the day of the fair at a price of 30 euros. Alternatively, the exhibition refers to the other event days.




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