Galaxy S7: Update brings up current security standards

Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge manufacturersGalaxy S7 security update – Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a year old and the manufacturer is rolling out an update, which contains the current security standards for this month. First, this update only appears for the basic version and not for the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Galaxy S7: Security updates

As the website reports, Samsung is currently rolling out an update for Europe. Especially for the Galaxy S7 the update for current security will ensure.

The firmware version “G930FXXU1DQE7” has already reached first owner of the Galaxy S7 without network connection. The update does not contain any new features. When the Galaxy 7 Edge receives the update, is not known. The file has a size of about 340 MB and should only be downloaded over a stable WLAN connection and with a full battery.

Update closes various security gaps

According to the report, the update includes 54 vulnerabilities Google had discovered. In addition, the update adapts the user interface of the device and ensures better system stability. When the May security update first owner of the Galaxy S7 is reached here is not mentioned in the report, can not take long.

As a rule, a push message is issued on the Galaxy S7 as soon as the update is available. A check to see if the patch is already there can be selected in the menu settings under Update. There is a manual search for updates. The Galaxy S7 Edge seems to get the security update only later. At the moment there is currently no information about when Samsung will also update this model. According to reports Samsung wants to continue the support for both S7 models for at least ten months.
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