WhatsApp: New spamming wave with wrong WhatsApp URL

WhatsApp Spamwelle – A new spam wave has been designed for users of WhatsApp and is looking for new colors to redesign the look. The fraudsters try to build trust with a URL that is reminiscent of the original.

WhatsApp Spamwelle mit Fake-URL

WhatsApp users should again take note of dubious messages promising extensions to the messenger. At the moment, fraudsters try to lure inconsiderate users into a trap using a snowballs system, in which they promise the new color design of the messenger with the slogan “I love the new colors for whatsapp”.

In order to increase the trust in the spam messages, they redirect to a real-looking homepage, which looks like coming directly from WhatsApp. In fact, fraudsters have used the Cyrillic alphabet and recreated “WhatsApp” with its letter. The dizziness can be seen especially in the different looking “W” and “t”.


WhatsApp snowballs system

WhatsApp users who are tricked into the fraud are forwarded to a website that is supposed to have the promised colors. However, before they are available, the message should be passed on to multiple contacts and / or groups. At this point, users should be aware of why they received such a message from a contact. He, too, dished up the fraud and shared the news as requested.

However, he never received the promised colors and design elements. Even after fulfillment of the further performance specification, they are not available, instead more and more tasks, advertising are shown and apps are offered. Unintentionally, this way, malicious software sneaks in on the smartphone, sometimes expensive subscription services are booked. We do not recommend that you respond to the spam message. This should be deleted and the link not clicked.





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