The EU fine Facebook of 110 million euros for sharing data with WhatsApp


Under the 2004 Corporate Governance Regulatory Law, the European Union decided to deplore Facebook for € 110 million for the issue of sharing data with WhatsApp.


In 2014, Facebook had assured the European Commission that it would not be possible to link the accounts of the two services, which happened in 2016. Last year, the Irish Commissioner for Data Protection at the Head of the European Authority had asked the company Zuckerberg to interrupt the exchange of data between the well-known Social Network and the messaging service, and by the end of summer there would have to be an agreement between the parties to reach a solution.

The EU has therefore decided to end up Facebook for 110 million euros, a figure that will surely not send bankruptcy to the company, which it would lie about twice: the first with the submission of documentation at the beginning of the investigations, the second with The answer given last December.

According to the Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager:

“Today’s decision sends a clear signal to companies that must comply with all aspects of EU-fusion rules, including the obligation to provide correct information.”

Again, according to Vestager, the fine is perfectly “proportionate” and useful as a deterrent, and adds that:

“The technical ability to automate the exchange of data between Facebook and WhatsApp existed already in 2014, and the Facebook staff was aware of this possibility.”

Even the authorities of individual countries such as Holland and France have decided to investigate the issue of privacy of users: for example, the French CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés) fined a fine of 150,000 euros for not providing enough Data control and information collection by partner companies.

The Commission could have Facebook about 250 million (1% of 2016 sales), but decided to reduce the number as the company admitted to having committed these irregularities and decided to cooperate.

“The mistakes we made in 2014 were not intentional and the Commission confirmed that they had no impact on the audit result.”

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