Overwatch-Jubiläum: Spielereignis, Gratis-Wochenende, GOTY-Edition

Overwatch Anniversary: ​​Game event, free weekend, GOTY Edition

Blizzard’s multiplayer shooter Overwatch (Test) celebrates its one-year anniversary and thanks a developer’s club for the game. In addition to a seasonal event and a free weekend, the game forge also presents the game-of-the-year edition of the game.

Play four days free of charge

The jubilee will begin on May 23, 2017 with a jubilee event, which is not yet defined by Blizzards and runs until June 12, 2017. In addition, the game will be free of charge and fully playable from 26 to 29 May 2017. Progress made should be taken on purchase of the game.

In addition, on May 23, Blizzard released the digital GOTY edition of Overwatch. It includes two Heldenkins as well as the overwatch heroine tracer as a playable character for the MOBA offshoot Heroes of the Storm. In World of Warcraft, Baby Winston is released as a pet. In addition, an overwatch card deck for Hearthstone, Mercy’s wing in Diablo 3, and various player portraits for Starcraft 2, is a special feature of the GOTY edition, adding an additional 10 bootboxes to the previous Origins edition. Blizzard does not call a price. The Origins-Edition costs Blizzard about 60 euros.

Great popularity and financial success

Since it was released in May 2016, Blizzard’s multiplayer shooter has been growing in popularity, with a good gameplay and low hardware requirements. Constantly changing events, new content and the decoration of the background story also contribute to the success. With more than 30 million active players, it quickly became the developer’s most popular game. Overwatch generated $ 270 million in sales during the release week. The financial success was also reflected in the recently published annual report by Overwatch, which is now the company’s eighth game brand, which has achieved a one-billion-dollar mark.



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