The Google Assistant appears for iOS and the iPhone is (finally) & quot; smart & quot;;


Google extends the scope of the Assistant. As announced by the company on the # IO17 launched yesterday, the digital language assistant will also be available in the version for the Apple iPhone in the future and will make “Siri” competition there. Angry tongues already claim that the smartphone from Cupertino is thus “intelligent” for the first time.

Google had presented the Assistant a year ago and the list of compatible smartphones for the time being limited to the two own smart phones of the pixel series. In the course of the following months, the availability for other smartphones was expanded and even the Nvidia Shield console with the wizard, with a few tricks, the language assistant was finally installed on almost every newer Android device. Meanwhile, the Google Assistant is to be used on more than 100 million smartphones, which is a face of the yesterday announced number of a total of two billion active Android devices is still quite small number.

In this context, however, one must bear in mind that the software’s capabilities are still very different, depending on the language used. While the Assistant can actually show impressive results and “conversations” with the software after a certain period of familiarization really intuitive, Google has problems in other languages. In Germany, enormous progress has been made at regular intervals, which also depends on the extent of interactions with the software.

Google Assistant and Siri in direct comparison

Within the framework of the availability of the Assistant for the iPhone, Google wants to link the application more closely to other apps. For example, the Assistant will provide Gmail with a feature that can be used to provide an automated response to a particular message. The well-liked translation function “Translate” will also benefit from an extended integration of the Assistant. The software’s previous language problems should have been completed by the summer, then the application will also appear officially in German, French, Japanese and other languages.

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Googgle is currently running a competition with his competitor Amazon and his language assistant Alexa. The online retail giant has already launched two very popular devices for the domestic living room, with the “Echo” and “Echo dot”, while Google’s counterpart “Home” has not really been able to get through. At the same time Amazon with the Alexa App also on the smartphone and is among other things. On the new HTC U11. At the same time, Microsoft is expanding its activities with its own language assistant, Cortana, and apparently does not want to leave the desktop of PCs and notebooks to the competition without a fight.

Update: Google Assistant for iOS

To Apple’s Siri, however, it has become in the past a bit quieter. Within the “Walled Garden”, the software dominates naturally, but in direct comparison with Alexa, Cortana and the assistant, there is hardly any news about significant improvements. However, with the takeover of VocalIQ, Apple could have landed a coup and in the coming WWDC to provide the right answer to Google’s attack.




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