Facebook has to pay a million penalty for WhatsApp

Facebook WhatsApp Takeover – The European Commission has penalized Facebook with a fine in millions. The social network had made false statements on the occasion of the WhatsApp takeover and did not commit itself to commitments.

Facebook and WhatsApp

When Facebook took over the Messenger WhatsApp in 2014, the social network indicated that the matching of the user data of both systems was not possible automatically. A statement that led the EU Commission, among other things, to agree to the takeover and to give the green light to the merger, which is criticized by both customers and consumers.

The Commission became increasingly annoyed by the fact that Facebook and WhatsApp, contrary to their own statements in the autumn of 2014, began to exchange data automatically among themselves. The accusation of misleading was in the pipeline, and the EU Commission had a review. This now fell to the disadvantage of Facebook.


Facebook must pay millions

As the Brussels-based authority notes, it is a proven fact that the social network had misleading information at the time of the takeover. An automated comparison of user data was already possible at that time. The approval for the takeover of WhatsApp was held under false conditions.

Whatsapp Messenger

As a fine, the European Commission imposed a fine of € 110 million. The high penalty payment is intended to prevent other companies from making false disclosures in merger control proceedings and have a deterrent effect, said Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager. The takeover of the takeover is not taking place, however the administrative court Hamburg had the data transfer of the two services in April 2017 however for the time being put on ice.
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