Google “Lens” demonstrates the capabilities of image recognition via AI

With “Google Lens”, Google has introduced an extension to Android for the # IO17, which has just been completed, with which both the Google Assistant and the image management Google Photos are to become much more intelligent. The software should be able to assign a meaning to images in the widest sense, from which in turn further actions can be derived. With this, Lens demonstrates not only Google’s existing abilities in image and object recognition, but also the existing possibilities in the processing with an artificial intelligence.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai was visibly proud of what Google Lens should be able to do right from the start. When a user e.g. A barcode that is attached to the bottom of a router is photographed, the Google Lens-equipped smartphone can immediately connect to the WiFi network marked in this way, without any further action.

In an upcoming holiday, another example from the presentation of Google Lens could claim. If the camera is placed anywhere on the street on the sign of a business, then Google or the Assistant can store the information stored for the store, such as, e.g. The rating of a restaurant. Whether this recognition is solely based on the image or whether the geographical position of the user familiar to the smartphone is included, so far has not been mentioned.

Really impressive and probably the clearest indicator for the “behind” Google Lens working AI was the function with which the software can clearly identify a photographed flower. Probably, the app resembles already existing images according to e.g. Color and shape with the user’s photo.

Google integrates Lens into the Assistant as well as into the Photos app, thereby greatly expanding the utility of the two applications. Certainly, not every day will have to rely on these functions every day, but in the given situation the feature leads both to a time saving and to a few circumstances.

Man darf davon ausgehen, dass Lens in weiten Teilen auf dem mäßig erfolgreichen Goggles basiert, das ebenfalls einige der hier gezeigten Dinge beherrschte. Allerdings war Goggles eine Stand-Alone-App, die Integration von Lens in den erfolgreichen Assistant und die enorm populäre Photos App dürfte weitaus aussichtsreicher sein.



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