Google Photos: Machine learning helps you share images

Google Photos: Maschinelles Lernen hilft beim Teilen von Bildern

Google is evaluating its Google Photos service, adding three new features that are largely based on Google’s advanced machine learning capabilities. The app automatically makes suggestions for sharing content, offers libraries for sharing, and can also print pictures.

Suggested sharing is Google’s automatic recommendations for sharing photos. Google performs machine-learning calculations directly on the user’s smartphone to identify captured people in photos and recommend sharing the images to them. The feature is not limited to one person, to the developer conference, Google showed an example in which pictures were sent to seven people who were recognized in the photos.


Several people complement each other

The user can adjust the recommendations manually, if desired, with a pushbutton, the photos can then be split. Marked users receive a notification in their Photos app, users without the app can have a link sent by e-mail or SMS. The recipients, in turn, can send photos of the same events back to the first user. This creates a whole album for an event by several people.

Pictures of the children on all devices of the parents

Shared libraries – shared libraries – go one step further and can automatically share certain photos with another person. Google makes the example of a couple whose children’s photos should always be visible on both parents’ devices. On the first device it can be defined that all photos with the child are always visible on the second device in a shared library. On request, the entire library of one device can be automatically mirrored to the other. The feature is equipped with a calendar, so if you wish, you can only share pictures from a certain date with the partner, for example, from the day you became acquainted.

Print photos

Photobooks can be used to print photos. Within the Photos app for the time being only in the USA pictures can be selected, which can be printed in two different sized picture book formats. Google offers a softcover book with seven-inch photos starting at $ 10, and a hardcover edition with nine-inch images at $ 20.

In order to remove the user’s work when selecting the pictures for the photo album, PhotoBooks does not need more than one search for the desired motifs, and a pre-selection of motifs is presented in Google Photos. From these images, PhotoBooks automatically import the most potentially best images, and the user can make manual adjustments at any time.

The new Google Photos can be used on Android, iOS and the web.



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