Google WorldSense: Self-confident VR glasses from Vive and Lenovo with Android

Google WorldSense: Selbstbewusste VR-Brillen von Vive und Lenovo mit Android

Google’s VR platform for Android Daydream is richer by a device category: next to the racks for plugging smartphones, it is soon given independent glasses with Android. Thanks to WorldSense they should recognize their location in the room without external help. Vive and Lenovo want to introduce devices this year.

Self-sufficient and aware of your own position

So far, the VR platform Daydream consists of three components: a software environment for Android, a VR rack with the necessary optics such as Daydream View (test) and a compatible smartphone. Using the sensors used in the smartphone, Daydream has been able to determine only the relative position of the glasses, but not their absolute position, as can Oculus Rift or HTC Vive with external tracking for VR.

Google has announced on the I / O 2017 that, together with Qualcomm, they will be working on a reference platform for autonomous VR eyewear without the need for a smartphone. The basis is the current SoC Snapdragon 835 (test). The new software component WorldSense for Daydream is intended to enable the eyeglasses to determine the correct position of the system by integrating numerous sensors, such as cameras. This method is known as “inside-out tracking” and is also used with Microsoft’s HoloLens and Intel’s reference platform ProjectAlloy. However, previous solutions have not yet reached the precision of externally supported systems.

Google wants WorldSense to use findings from Project Tango, which the company has been pursuing since 2014. With Project Tango, 3D cameras, a position and acceleration knife can be used to measure rooms in 3D, place virtual objects in these rooms, or play games. Google uses an RGB camera, a camera for depth detection and a camera for motion detection.

First devices from Vive and Lenovo still 2017

Qualcomm’s work on a VR reference platform with Snapdragon 835 is already known for a long time, the use of Google’s software and its extended capability are new. Also new is that with Vive and Lenovo two first partner end products based on the platform announced for this year. Vive has the so far not named system under the slogan “No Phone. No PC. Standalone VR. “As a supplement in the portfolio next to the HTC Vive.

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New smartphones for Daydream

Also for the existing platform Daydream has announced Google News. So Galaxy S8 and S8 + (test) are to be compatible with Daydream by a software update in the summer and “a new LG flagship later in the year”. The latest top model from LG, the G6 (test), was only presented to the MWC 2016 in the spring.



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