Google Lens: Google Assistant handles visual information

Google Lens: Google Assistant verarbeitet visuelle Informationen

Google has opened the I/O with Google Lens. This is an extension within the Google Assistant, which prepares visual data to generate more detailed information for the user or to perform automated actions. Google also combines several data sources.

Google Lens can be run with the Google Assistant and corresponds at the first moment to a camerasucher. As with Google Goggles, which is now no longer Google, the user holds the viewfinder on an object and then receives information on the object being targeted.

If Google Lens is pointing to a flower, the Google Assistant will show which genre it is. A step further is the recognition of restaurants: Based on the location data of the user combined with the photo of the restaurant front, Google Lens gives an evaluation of the restaurant and cites information such as the price class.

Interesting are actions which can be executed directly on the smartphone on the basis of the photographed information. Google showed the label of a WLAN router that includes SSID and password. If this sticker is photographed with the Google Lens, the Google Assistant connects the smartphone directly to the WLAN with the user.

Google has not yet commented on Google I / O 2017 when the Google Lens was published within the Google Assistant. Google is talking about a release in the coming months.




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