Has Nokia launched the new Nokia 9 itself?

At the MWC, Nokia and HMD Global have managed to attract attention. The name still has a high radiance and people are interested in how the name Nokia presents in 2017. Fairly, one should say that a lot of this attention was directed to the feature phone Nokia 3310, but also the Nokia 3, the Nokia 5 and the Nokia 6 were much respected.

But nothing was to be seen of a new flagship. Both a Nokia 8 and a Nokia 9 have been ghosting for a long time through the rumored kitchens, the latter is among other things. Through a dual-camera photo enthusiasts. A now demolished video of the company HMD Global lets us now take a look at what really could be the Nokia 9. Apart from this device, we see yet another unknown Nokia smartphone, as well as the well-known Nokia 3 and 5. Interesting that the Nokia 6 at least in this clip plays no role.

The video was deleted as already mentioned, but HMD has done the calculation without the old Leak hare Evan Blass. He has already thought of something and in time made sure that the video is uploaded elsewhere. So we can now take a look at the following four smartphones:

The two left smartphones represent the unpublished models and one of them shows the hoped for dual cam in a vertical arrangement. In the video you can see the back even more clearly – here is the corresponding Tweet from @evleaks:



The quality of the camera does not mean anything, but two things we know at least one thing: The fast deletion of the clip is probably a confirmation that the new flagship – probably the Nokia 9 – will look exactly like this And secondly, a release or the idea is not too far in the distance.

Thanks so once again to Evan, who switched again quickly. We are eagerly watching what Nokia is planning and when to get officially to the public.

via The Verge



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