In the House: EA gives away Survival-Adventure Dead In Bermuda

Aufs Haus: EA verschenkt Survival-Adventure Dead In Bermuda

As part of the series “Aufhaus”, EA is giving away another PC game via the Origin platform. This time it is Dead In Bermuda and thus a nearly two-year-old Survival-Adventure with Rollenspielelementen.

The game, released in 2015, was developed by the French indie studio CCCP, not to be confused with the makers of EVE Online, which bear the similar name CCP Games. The story revolves around a group stranded on a strange island after a plane crash. As a player, it is necessary to ensure the survival of the eight-man team. The Survival Adventure uses rolling and crafting elements.

The download is free of charge for an existing Origin account for a limited time. Once the game has been saved in the game library during the action period, it is permanently available for free.

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