Humble Indie Bundle 18: Seven interesting indie beads for savings

Humble Indie Bundle 18: Sieben interessante Indie-Perlen zum Sparkurs

Outstanding indie games of all kinds without DRM for Linux, Mac and Windows: Humble Bundle returns to its own roots with the current, classically designed package offer. In principle, all parts and all games of the bundle are worthwhile.

Every title has received at least a “very positive” assessment of Steam users, but not every component of the offer is also a game: At least the Goat Simulator has the character of a joke cast in bits and bytes.

There are a wide range of genres, including shooter, adventures and strategy and role playing games with interesting concepts across the three offer levels. Beholder, for example, asks players in the style of Papers Please how they would behave as a blocker in a totalitarian state.

All bundle games are delivered via Steam as well as in a DRM-free version for Windows PCs, Linux and Mac OS.



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