Zucchetti points to artificial intelligence with ZForecast, the software for forecasting staff needs

Zucchetti punta sull’intelligenza artificiale con ZForecast, il software di previsione del fabbisogno di personale

Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Machine Learning are identified by Gartner, the world leader in information technology analysis and consulting as two major IT trends for the coming months, but what are the possible fields of Application within the business?

Zucchetti, a company that has always anticipated market needs with its propensity to innovate, has achieved a solution that exploits the principles of artificial intelligence in the management of staff.

The software, called ZForecast, is an adaptive and intelligent system that, thanks to its self-learning ability, meets the needs of a constantly evolving process such as the workforce management.

ZForecast analyzes workflows, combines historical data, and takes into account the volatility of the organization to make a punctual forecast in every situation and in every industry.

“ZForecast software is a strategic tool for staff planning,” says Luca Stella, product manager Zucchetti, “capable of making the process more precise, timely, simple, and immediately shared with all those responsible. The advantage of using this tool is twofold: on the one hand a fair distribution of workloads can improve the profitability of the business generated by our Clents. On the other hand, proper coverage of human resource needs helps to increase productivity and prevent lowering of service levels. Moreover, the feature that always distinguishes Zucchetti’s solutions, – continues Stella – ZForecast perfectly integrates with the other products of the HR Infinity Global Solution suite for complete and efficient management of all aspects of staffing.




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