Do you want to use Netflix on Android devices with root? Here’s how to do it

For some time, more experienced and enthusiastic users decide to root on their Android devices, thus gaining superuser privileges to get the most out of their smartphone or tablet.

Obviously, there are pros and cons to getting these permissions but today let’s talk about it. Netflix, the world-renowned distribution platform for film and TV series, has confirmed that it will sit against those who modify their devices through the Root; but why?

The motivation is simple: the Californian company wants to protect itself by avoiding users falsifying their geographical location by accessing content reserved for certain markets. This certainly has led many people to wonder if it really is worth losing access to Neftlix to modify their device.

However there is a way to avoid problems by demonstrating that you can use Netflix on a root and rooted Android device. If a user is able to root a device, he will also be able to download and install a version of the Netflix app earlier than the one in the Play Store containing the block.

Simply download and then install an old version, without the block, through APK, perhaps downloading it from the dependable APKMirror (download link). We remind you that the procedure is not illegal and has no particular problems and knowledge.



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