Galaxy Note 8: Dual camera with 3x optical zoom possible

Galaxy Note 8 Dual-Camera – Samsung has so far not followed the trend to dual cameras on top smartphones. This could change with the upcoming Pen-Phablet Galaxy Note 8 but. According to rumors, the Galaxy Note 8 will have a dual camera with triple optical zoom as an all-in-one feature.

Galaxy Note 8 with dual camera

Rumors about the use of a dual camera in the pen Phablet Galaxy Note 8 are not new. Already shortly after the launch of the Galaxy S8, 9to5Google reported that the Galaxy Note as an all-adjustment feature of this series will have a dual camera.

The Korea Herald has now announced new details about the camera. This is a combination of a 12-megapixel sensor with a wide-angle lens and a 13 megapixel sensor with a telephoto lens.

Dual camera with triple optical zoom

This combination should also allow a triple optical zoom to be used. The loss of image quality should be extremely low. Supposedly such a dual camera was already planned at the Galaxy S8 of Samsung. It was probably made for reasons of cost.

The arrangement of the two lenses has already been shown on render images and concept drawings. Ming Chi-Kuo, a well-known Apple analyst, had said in a report that the dual camera and fingerprint sensor on the back will be the most relevant changes to the touch series. So far the Galaxy Note 8 is expected to have a 6.4-inch display with QHD or 4K resolutions. Probably there will be a 256 gigabyte version and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor on board. Cover image: AndroidCentral
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