Google: Standalone VR headset could be shown to I / O

Google: Standalone-VR-Headset könnte zur I/O gezeigt werden

To start tonight Google I / O 2017 is to give an outlook on the alone running VR headset of Google. As Variety citing several allegedly familiar with the product, the advancement of Daydream View (test) uses inside-out tracking and does not need any extra hardware anymore.

For more than a year already Google is to be developed with the development of a standalone VR headset, which can be used without smartphone or external sensors. According to this, Google is working even before the last announcement of Daydream on the alone running VR glasses. In so-called inside-out tracking, the hardware for the graphics calculation as well as the entire sensor system for the position determination and viewing direction of the player are completely embedded in the VR glasses.

I / O Keynote starts at 19:00

The new VR headset will be shown for the first time as part of the keynote on Google I / O 2017, which will be launched this evening at 7:00 pm German time. As Variety reports, however, it can only be a brief preview, as usual Google still has the chance that the presentation will be completely canceled in the short term and progress in Daydream VR will be presented instead.

Market start uncertain

The early development stage also indicates missing information on the installed hardware and the operating system. The VR glasses might run with Android, but exactly the same could be said at the current time but not yet. Until the sales start for consumer should be some time later. To the I / O Google could create a basis for developers. Virtual reality is in any case one of the topics of the conference.



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