O2 Free Business: o2 Business 15 with 3 GB for 15 Euro

O2 Free Business – Business customers also benefit from the o2 promotion offerings on the occasion of their 15th birthday on 23 May 2017. With the o2 Business 15, prospective customers can secure a tariff with 3 GB volume for 15 euros, the o2 free tariffs M, L and XL are available with a discount of 50 percent.

O2 celebrates its 15th birthday

From 23 May 2017 o2 offers the action rate o2 Free 15 for private customers. At the same time, the network operator is taking a similar offer for business customers in the assortment and has them participate in the action weeks on the occasion of the fifteen-year jubilee.

From May 23 to September 5, 2017, business customers can book the O2 Business 15 for 15 Euro net. Behind it lies the o2 Business Flat-XL tariffs inclusive SMS Flat and LTE Data Pack 3 GB, which is reduced in the first 24 months of the term by 15 Euro net. From the 25th month onwards, if the tariff is not terminated within a reasonable period, a monthly package price of 30 euros net will be charged.

O2 Business 15 for 15 euros

The action rate includes a voice and SMS flat rate in all German networks as well as a mobile data file with 3 GB volume and up to 50 Mbps via LTE. There is, however, a drop of vermouth: To benefit from the savings price, customers from the SME segment have to book at least 15 tariffs during the promotion period.

If you do not need this amount of sim cards or are more likely to be small and medium-sized companies, you can book the o2 free business tariffs M, L and XL during the promotion period with a discount of 50%. The discount is valid for a period of 15 months, followed by the regular price.




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