LG: V30 and G7 are to be equipped with OLED display

LG: V30 and G7 are to be equipped with OLED display

LG Display is one of the largest OLED producer, supplying to LG Electronics for the construction of smart phones but excluding LC displays. That should change towards summer when LG Display is expected to produce OLED displays for future LG smartphones V30 and G7 again. The report insider told The Korean Herald .

LG Display supplies LG Electronics, Sony and Xiaomi

95 percent of OLED production for smartphones currently stops Samsung display. As an exclusive display suppliers for the iPhone 8 Samsung Display has taken the next major order on land. LG Display will abhaben a slice of apple cake and shifts the focus from the pure production of large OLED panels for TVs by LG Electronics and Sony again more toward smartphones.

The company had dared 2014 first steps with the curved and flexible G Flex (test), a year later, the G Flex 2 (test) with as little success. Since then it had become quiet around the production of smaller OLED panels from LG Display, which are suitable for smartphones. With slightly curved OLED displays for the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 (test) production but recently started again, with the production of panels for LG Electronics is supposed to continue.

V30 and G7 with OLED display

How The Korean Herald reported, citing industry insiders, in July, the production capacity in the Korean E5 plant in Gumi will be expanded to produce OLED panels for the first Autumn flagship V30 and next spring for the G7. LG Electronics would adopt this step for both smartphones from the use of LCD displays with IPS panel.

LG Display currently still struggle with a lower compared to Samsung display production yield. According to analysts, there is a production well in the patents noted and the supply chain for OLED equipment and material was not yet as stable as Samsung Display. LG Display hoping the improvements in the manufacturing process from 2019 to become a supplier for Apple’s iPhone with OLED display. The strict requirements of Apple did not allow for an earlier date after originally mass production had been planned for 2018th



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