Action: Rocket League at the weekend free test

Test Rocket League at the weekend free of charge: Action

As part of a promo action the car football game Rocket League is playable for free on Steam until Sunday 7 May 2017th In addition, the purchase of all versions, 30 percent will be discounted, so that a gaming license until May 8 is available for around 14 euros.

Rocket League appeared in the summer of 2015 and is a multiplayer football game where the ball must not be promoted by means of physical strength, but with cars in the opponent’s goal. Since the release, the game has become increasingly popular.

While a license under the action for around 14 euros can be purchased via Steam, beat four copies of the game with around 38.50 euros. The GOTY edition, together with three DLCs can be purchased for 17.50 euros.



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