Overwatch: Blizzard releases distribution of bootybox content

Overwatch: Blizzard legt Verteilung der Beutebox-Inhalte offen

In China, game providers need to disclose how high the chances of random rewards by virtual objects are. The law adopted last year aims at crafting and boot-box systems, which are now used in almost every game. Blizzard is now following this flag.

On the Chinese website of the game (via Google Translate) the company discovers, according to the new regulations, which chances players have on objects of the different rarity classes, which contents are found in boot boxes and which playful effects the rewards have.

According to the information, players from boxes during the recent Vanguard event will receive at least one item of the blue rarity class. On average, all 5.5 crates are distributed as a violet item of the epic rarity, and all 13.5 crates are an orange item of legendary rarity. These are, however, only statistical mean values. Blizzard is chosen to select the individual items with an identical probability from the offer – often, boxes in Overwatch already contain unlocked items.


Data are China-exclusive

It is unclear whether the information provided by Blizzard can be transferred to servers and players outside of China. So far, the company has published the values exclusively on the Chinese website of the game. However, the given values give at least a rough indication of the reward structure in Overwatch.



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