Half-Life 1: Valve removes censorship by DLC

Half-Life 1: Valve removed censorship via DLC

Only recently, the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons (BPjM) has the uncut original version of the shooter Half-Life bedrock deleted from the index. For owners of violent impaired version, there is now an unlock DLC by Valve.

With the free purchase of “Half-Life Uncensored” a cut version in the Steam library is replaced with the uncut version of the game and, among other robot again by US Marines. Valve indicates that the process can not be reversed. However, the game progress is maintained.

Prerequisite for the DLC is the possession of the main game. Short term, it was possible the night before to buy the DLC yet, prompting even Half-Life has been added for free the Steam library. This gap was but now closed.



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