Need for Speed: Continued again with pause function

Need for Speed: Continued again with pause function

Need for Speed ​​(2015) (test), designed as a great reboot of a time-honored series, caused unnecessary online compulsion. The continuation planned for this year will be less drastic on an Internet connection. Even a pause function is to give it back.

Although Ghost Games referred to nebulous advantages of an always-on game, the studio did not show with Need for Speed ​​two years ago that players can draw real advantages from constant communication with servers. On the contrary: even individual players had to conclude that the game did not pause.

Online compulsion goes offline

For the 22nd part of the series, developer GhostGames has praised improvement. The developers confirm that they had noticed the attention that aroused the topic and the amount of feedback. In the future it will be possible to play the single player part of the title ” completely offline ” again. This also means that the game can be stopped at any time.

Such a reaction to incomprehensible design decisions is nothing new for Ghost Games: The developers had already provided with Need for Speed: Rivals, which was calculated on the PC with a maximum of 30 FPS, for head shaking. The PC version of Need for Speed (2015) was finally moved to remove the restriction of the refresh rate. This feature has been a special priority because of feedback from the fans, “the studio said in September 2015.

New features

In addition, the developers assure that the tuning of the vehicles will continue to play an important role in the series. Policemen will also be able to access Rhino SUVs because they are no longer driven only on roads, but also on dusty gravel roads.

More information will follow at the EA Play event in June. The release of the racing game is planned for the end of the year. In the dealer shelves the next Need for Speed will be at the latest to the Christmas shop.



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