Sick City: Roccat is also building games

Sick City: Roccat baut künftig auch Spiele

The fact that manufacturers of gaming products expand their portfolio is commonplace – but generally limited to the area of ​​hardware. Roccat now breaks with this unwritten rule and wants to offer not only input devices, but in the future also the appropriate games for it.

The first title from the house Roccat Games will be Sick City. The company’s words are a “real-time tactical combat game” and a “modern interpretation of action-based tactical fighting” in a post-apocalyptic world, with an unusual art design. As a positive example of style, Team Fortress 2 is called, which, together with the first artwork, points to a comic look.

The design of the strategy game is based on three cornerstones: Roccat wants to combine the excitement of “tactics classics like Commandos” with action-packed and strategic multiplayer games in the style of a company of heroes. In the process, resource management and basic construction will be pushed back in the style of the heroes from Warcraft 3 in favor of “individual, complex units”. The battlegrounds are the streets of Sick City, where various factions and players in Viererteams fight for the owner of the “crystalline energy source” Aimo.

Development with players

In the development of the game, the community is to be particularly closely involved and from the beginning, promises Roccat. At the beginning of June, the title begins in a closed alpha phase, for which players can apply via the homepage of the game. First of all, we would like testers to help with the search for errors and provide feedback in order to prepare the title for an open test run in the sense of an early access phase without access restrictions.

According to Roccat, games should not be less than the “future of Sick City”. Whether there will be new maps, fights, game modes or single player campaigns will depend on the community’s decisions. The inclusion of the users should go beyond the previously known level of other titles. How exactly this will be the case is currently not yet clear.



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