PayDay 2: Ultimate Edition and VR mode announced

PayDay 2: Ultimate Edition und VR-Modus angekündigt

Starting May 10, PayDay 2 will be offered in an Ultimate Edition containing the main game and all DLCs. Unlike the game-of-the-year version, all regular extensions are actually assembled in one package. Future DLCs and a VR version of the game will be released free of charge.

The Ultimate Edition contains only all regular DLCs. The Completely Overkill Pack was only offered for a limited period of time. With the DLC, Overkill wanted to give software players an opportunity to support the further development by purchasing an exclusive expansion. The same applies to other, only temporarily offered packages. The Ethan and Hila Character Pack is not included in the complete edition of the game. According to developers, all proceeds from the sales of this DLC will go to the two entertainers, who are to fill the channel h3h3Productions on YouTube among other videos and are supported in this way.

The Ultimate Edition will be available on Steam on June 8 for just under 45 Euros. The developers emphasize that the purchase of the complete version is significantly cheaper than a single purchase at the normal price, which would be around 200 euros to book. The bill is, however, soon theoretical: on the one hand, the extremely numerous DLCs are only offered until June 8, but with a price reduction of 85 percent.

The action calls Overkill Software as a thank you to existing players. As a matter of fact, users who already own PayDay 2, that is, only the bare main game, can buy all DLCs for 27.39 euros – so they pay less than for the Ultimate Edition, whereby they have the possibility to exclude content purely cosmetic.

However, it will no longer be possible to acquire individual extensions, they will be removed from the program. This “consolidate” the shop page, write the developer. In addition, new players would be easier to get started because no more 40 individual products would have to be bought at a high price, but only one product at a lower price.

Updates and VR version for free

The Ultimate Edition is announced as a final sales version of PayDay 2. Further updates and content will no longer be sold, but will be submitted free of charge. Further development will not be discontinued this year, but only in October 2018. That should bridge the time to a successor: PayDay 3 is only in the pre-production phase.

Also free for owners of PayDay 2 is a virtual reality version of the title. This is not a separate game, but a VR mode, with which PayDay 2 can be played in virtual reality and together with users of the normal version. Shown are scenes with a HTC Vive, but still remains unclear how players move – virtual crossing of environments is one of the largest VR construction sites. A beta is scheduled to start this year.



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