Alan Wake: Before sale stop two days for 2.80 euros on offer

Alan Wake: offer days ago sales stop two for 2.80 euros

Remedy’s horror thriller Alan Wake (Test) will no longer be available through digital stores starting May 16th. The game is taken on the PC, among other things, from the offer of Steam and GoG and removed from the Xbox Store.

As a reason for the step, Remedy calls expiring license rights for the pieces of music used in the game. Amongst other pieces are Poe, David Bowie, Roy Orbison and the Poets of the Fall. From 13th May Alan Wake will be offered on Steam for around 2.80 Euro instead of 28 Euro. A price reduction in other shops is not in the hands of the developer.

Remedy strives to extend the rights, but can not say with certainty when and whether the title can be sold again. The standalone Spinoff American Nightmares is not affected by the sales stop. As usual in such cases, Alan Wake is only removed from the sale, but not from game libraries; Who owns the title can still download and play it after 15 May.

Update 13.05.2017 20:46 clock
Meanwhile, the action has been launched: Alan Wake can be purchased via Steam and GoG for around 2.80 euros. Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, which can be bought for just under one Euro, is also offered.




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