Tiptoi mini Gameworld in test: Interactive learning in small format

Tiptoi mini game world to the test: Interactive learning in small format

tl; dr: The complement to the large model series imaginary mini game world from the Tiptoi Universe provides Ravensburger a self-consistent educational toys with long-term motivation and great knowledge thanks to many information which convinced quality at a low price.

Table of Contents

  1. 1 Combo packages with lots of accessories
  2. Easy to assemble, even for small children’s hands
  3. Even in small worlds, there is much to discover
  4. On different ways to Objective
  5. hit age range well
  6. Conclusion

Combo packages with lots of accessories

Ravensburger sees the new mini-game World Series complements the large game world models, but can also stand on its own. This is also reflected in the price, because while the big series, has settled depending on the variant now 30 to 40 euros, the game makers are among the new releases at a suggested retail price of 25 euros. The street price has already arrived at just under 20 euros.

The sets are characterized mainly by an ample equipment

For this, the buyer will receive in the tested sets “Police: SEC-use” and “Fire fighting dangerous use” abundant amenities and many ways to play, which, from a choice of two SWAT intervention teams, a banking model and on cardboard cards printed items such as radios, handcuffs, shield binoculars and much more consist of two or fire service personnel in protective clothing or in the protective suit, a container, a decontamination tent and also different, printed accessories. Both sets have in common that can move their arms only when a figure, the other character is completely immobile.

Since Ravensburger as mentioned both newcomers sees as additions to the major representatives, it is not surprising that you can combine both generations together – although this does not openly communicate the game manufacturer. This means that, for example, the audio files of the game world police (test) and the SEC sets can be used without specific activation of the game. both go for content, however, a non-contiguous.

Easy to assemble, even for small children’s hands

The models must be assembled from the individual parts made of cardboard in front of the first games. The instructions included well illustrated, so that the models can be easily assembled without the next placed text. The punched already for the most part parts can be readily removed from the Papphalterungen and both models are built with a little practice within a few minutes. Tools such as scissors or glue are not necessary, the individual parts are just as used to from other Tiptoi models, inserted into each other and can therefore always take apart for better storage. Children under six to seven years will probably still need the helping hand of an adult for assembly.

A certain hurdle may represent at least the vault of the bank: Here it must be ensured that the concealment of the painted green signal lamp removed and the vault door is assembled so that it opens only with the visible green signal. If the lock too far, that is 180 degrees turned, this could provide on the inside for a leverage that would pry the door off its rebate, and thus damage the cardboard.

Had Ravensburger both models a bit smaller or packaging designed one centimeter higher, both sets had reassembled can be stored in the carton. So the cover is right on on the model and a stacking could cause damage.

Even in small worlds, there is much to discover

Is the set once established, only the required audio files need to be applied to the pin, which easily goes through the Tiptoi Manager of the hand. The pen is not included in the kit and must be purchased separately if required. It is supported by both the old and the new variant of the pen. Then, the respective set must only be activated as usual on the attached map and the expedition, nothing stands in the way.

Nevertheless, already mentioned in previous tests criticism falls on again: Another control panel on one of the models would have been beneficial. Children tend to lose just small things quickly. Although the small card with no problems can be ordered as a spare part at Ravensburger, by then the game but will not start.

As usual with other Tiptoi products, there are also among small offshoots of the game worlds, a lot to explore. By default, children can gain a first overview of the set first in Discover mode. So this experience in the countless points on the figures and maps, which it has worked with the silent alarm, the SEC or the fire station set to the decontamination tent up. At the same time the characters are presented. Exemplary: Everything you write will be read by the motto: “It says here …”, so that even children who can not yet read, always know what is to be read at the appropriate location.

On different ways to Objective

Is the first curiosity satisfied, both sets offer a wealth of opportunities to deepen each topic further. There are the “knowledge area” with which the child can learn, among other more about the SEC and its tasks or learn the importance of the protective suit is or what the various classes of dangerous goods and the signs mean. The accessories and the various figures have here on the multiple use of selectable points, so a repeated selecting with the pen is advisable to get all the information.

With the blue symbol tell the individual figures stories that are sometimes funny, but again ready hold much information to tell. Thus, for example, explain what it takes to become a civil servant at the SEC or the fire department or what happened at various inserts already curiosities.

No Tiptoi game without Lesson

About the cube symbol that learned in the previous sections of knowledge in a variety of games can be tested. This extends from a quiz about a hidden object game to a practice run with a bank robbery or a dangerous fire, which requires some powers of deduction and is not easy to deal with. Nevertheless, the tasks seem appropriate for children prepared and implemented.

hit age range well

As already mentioned, Ravensburger indicates the age range of the new series with five to eight years. So that the entry is one year higher than in the big game worlds at the mini-sets. but this is just as well, because both the themes and content as well as the games are held considerably more complex than in the large sets, which also due to the used terms a greater understanding is required. The assessment of Ravensburger is thus made good. Nevertheless younger children might be overwhelmed with the many options first. Here is the helping hand of an adult, which explains the individual points the child in the instructions of great help. After a certain time the pupils should then alone to cope with the game set.

Also, the maximum age is well chosen; Children over this should already begin to refer to the information from other sources.


The new mini-game worlds makes Ravensburger the great series a promising little brother aside. Measured by the street price of currently just under 20 euros, the new sets offer a wealth of opportunities for pocket money. Ravensburger do well to limit the content to a situation with which the new series stands on its own, but can also be understood as a complement to the large game world series.

Well chosen is also raising the entry age compared to its big brothers from four to five years now. When assembling smaller explorers nor the help of an adult subject. Older children also come with it along without problems – also thanks to the simple plug-in system and the instructions again held in Ikea-style, which is easy to understand even without knowledge of the texts contained therein. The figures contained in the tested sets other hand, could use a little more mobility.

The presented contents are easy to understand even for younger players, the speakers are easy to understand and speak slowly. Change pure information thereby with funny stories and interesting, but also for children and partly demanding games from. Despite the minor nature of the sets children will take a long time to elicit this all the secrets. This guarantees even in the small worlds a long period of use.

Ravensburger shows again with the small set-row as modern knowledge must look today: with illustrative materials, interesting stories, games for control and a lot of fun the children remain much information in memory – and so some adults will themselves can learn something.

There are an unlimited purchase recommendation of computer base.

Ravensburger Tiptoi mini game world
  • stable quality
  • many ways to play
  • high learning effect
  • high fun factor
  • high replay value
  • cheap price
  • little movement possibilities in the figures
Computer base recommendation for Ravensburger Tiptoi mini game world

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