Value Pack 2: Samsung Gear S2 gets features of Gear S3

Value Pack 2: Samsung Gear S2 bekommt Funktionen der Gear S3

Samsung has today begun to distribute a second major update for the Tizen Smartwatch Gear S2. The second so-called value pack follows on the five months ago and expands the clock by functions of the new model Gear S3.

Second major update after the summer

Based on the industry’s usual approach, Samsung supplies its former Smartwatch flagship Gear S2 with new updates for an unusually long time, which means that the watch does not count to the old iron one and a half years after the performance. The second Value Pack of the Gear S2 is now distributed “on the largest markets” and is planned to be available globally for all owners in the coming weeks.

On the one hand, the Gear S2 receives the approval for all new dials introduced with the Gear S3. The new dials can be loaded after the update via the Galaxy Apps Store. On the other hand, the new downloads for the Gear S2 include an app for reminders and the Alti barometer, which helps to track outdoor activities by recording the air pressure from the clock.

The Gear S2 also features the extended bezel functions of the Gear S3 with the new firmware. Turning clockwise or counterclockwise can now use the bezel to answer and reject calls, or to acknowledge or deactivate alarm signals.

In the case of the short messages, individual characters can now be written to the touch display immediately with the finger in the handwriting mode, without having to wait until recognition has recognized the previously written character. This currently works only in English, Korean and Chinese. Users can also add short drawings to include small drawings and Emojis, of which an expanded catalog of 180 pieces is now available. Alternatively, the language input is available for the short messages. The voice assistant “S Voice” reports for the update a significant increase in the speed to real-time level.

S Health recognizes more exercises automatically

The fitness tracking through S Health, Samsung has an advanced automatic recognition of activities donated. More sports and also typical sporting exercises such as knee bends, failure steps and crunches are now automatically recognized by the Smartwatch. The same applies to breaks which are introduced during training, which now no longer have to be started manually. Two new assistants are also to help with stretching exercises and endurance sports.

Widgets display more information

Widgets from third-party vendors can be installed with the second Value Pack on the Gear S2 for the first time. Samsung cites the widgets of Uber, Yelp and the news magazine USA Today. Samsung’s own widgets have also been reworked. A new multi-contact widget provides access to four contacts, the Weather widget now allows you to monitor more cities with more parameters, and the S Health widget now displays challenges and rankings.

SOS function and games on the clock

The SOS function of the Gear S3 is now also available for Gear S2 owners. If the carrier presses the home button three times in a short sequence and the bezel rotates to the left, an SOS signal is sent to preselected contacts. This signal also includes the GPS position of the user, which is shared by the Glympse service.

Finally, the update will release the Smartwatch games from the Galaxy Apps Store. According to Samsung, more than one hundred titles have been optimized for use with a bezel and touch display for the Smartwatch.



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