Because of takeover by Fitbit: Pebble stops models Time 2 and Core

Because of takeover by Fitbit: Pebble stops models Time 2 and Core

The wearable provider Fitbit assumes Pebble. Announced Pebble products such as Core and Time 2 will no longer be delivered. Pebble has now taken over the takeover, the article has been adapted accordingly. According to Bloomberg, Fitbit plans the release of about 60 percent of Pebble employees.

As reported at the beginning of December, FitnessBit specialists Fitbit primarily focus on Pebble operating systems, watch apps, cloud services and the entire intellectual property of Pebble. From the acquisition, Fitbit promises to be able to compete with Apple in the future in the Smartwatch sector, according to Bloomberg. With Fitnesswatch Blaze, Fitbit has embarked on the smartwatch market for the first time this year.

Pebble is no longer an independent company

Pebble has now said: ” We are no longer operating as a stand-alone company and have discontinued the regular operation. We do not produce, advertise and sell any new equipment or products. Single support is no longer available. Pebble users can still find compatible cables and other accessories at retailers like Amazon.

No more software updates for Pebble Smartwatches

Pebble gives users little hope of further updates for their own watches: ” The functionality and service quality (the Pebble products, editor’s note) can be limited over time. Users can no longer exchange Pebble watches as part of the warranty agreement. We do not expect to continue to release regular software updates or new features for Pebble Smartwatches. Our new mission is to incorporate our expertise into future Fitbit products.

Pebble Time 2 and Core no longer appear, donors get money back

A market launch of the Pebble models Time 2 and Core announced in May is thereby excluded, as well as Pebble new releases. All open orders of available products are automatically canceled. Anyone who has donated money for the models with kickstarter will receive a refund.

60 percent of Pebble employees have to go

According to Bloomberg, Fitbit is said to have sent job offers to 40 percent of the Pebble workforce, including many software developers. The remaining employees, including the entire hardware department, have virtually no chance of further employment. However, compensation payments for the emigrated Pebble employees are in discussion.

Purchase price is under 40 million US dollar

The purchase price for Pebble, an economically-driven smartwatch maker, is 30 to 40 million US dollars. The debt and other obligations of Pebble should not be taken over by Fitbit, nor the hardware inventory and the server equipment. Whether Fitbit carries the brand ” Pebble ” or integrates all purchased areas into the in-house product portfolio is not known. In any case, the fitness specialist will close all Pebble offices.

Update 19:27 clock

Meanwhile, Pebble has spoken on his own blog and confirmed the stop of the new models. The message has been updated accordingly.




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